About Us

Based in Wellington Colorado, Keeton Industries, Inc. is a family-owned and operated aquatics manufacturing company. Since its founding in 1972, Keeton Industries continues to promote pond management naturally healthy aquatic habitats, lakes, fisheries and waste water facilities. We create and develop the best technology and equipment available to improve the environment and benefit the world’s population. Our innovative aeration system designs and eco-friendly beneficial microbe technology continue to keep us at the forefront of our industry.

Our focus at Keeton Industries is to provide you, our customers, with quality products, excellent service, comprehensive technical support and cost-effective solutions. Let us introduce ourselves…


Jim Keeton, President – Founder

Pond management is Jim Keeton’s passion. He started working with fish at a very young age, while he spent most of his childhood fishing on the Keeton Ranch. Jim received his undergraduate degree in Fisheries Biology from Colorado State University in 1968 and has been at the forefront of aquatic technology ever since.
Jim has been involved in Aquaculture design and manufacturing for over 30 years and has developed and patented various new technologies.

Luke Keeton, V.P. – Operations – Biologist

Luke Keeton, the second generation of Keeton Industries, also discovered his passion for fish and lakes very early in his life. Working for Keeton Industries from a very young age, he also decided to pursue a career in Biology and received his undergraduate degree in Biology/Marine Biology from Oregon State University in 2001.

Kurt Hansen, Sales Director

Kurt Hansen, a key member of our sales team is a graduate of Kansas State University, where he earned his degree in Agricultural Economics. Kurt has spent years in the field of pond and lake restoration and management and has a real knack for solving even the most challenging water quality issues.

Ford Rector, Sales Representative

After attending Colorado State University, Ford Rector began a 15 year career in outside sales and management selling pumps, filtration, liners, and microbial products. Ford’s unique blend of outstanding customer service and product knowledge make him a valuable addition to Keeton Industries and it’s customers.