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Biological Solution to Improve Water Quality

Beneficial bacteria are a natural solution for improving water quality in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and canals. Aquatron™ and Waste and Sludge Reducer™ (WSR) produced by Keeton Industries, Inc., which combine specific microbes, nutrients, and trace minerals derived from nature.

Keeton products have been successfully used for well over 20 years in mitigation of eutrophic and hyper-eutrophic water bodies, wastewater facilities, and aqua-cultural systems by reduction of excess nutrients.

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Why does Pond Water Become Muddy?

Ponds and lakes naturally accumulate sludge and nutrients that lead to eutrophication and eventually pond or lake death. Natural succession is driving all lakes and ponds to become meadows and eventually forest. To slow or reverse this process and maintain a lake or pond beneficial microbes are critical. These beneficial microbes improve water quality by reducing nutrients and sludge through natural processes.

Waste & Sludge Reducer™ and AquaTron™ beneficial microbes benefit the environment in many ways. First and foremost these beneficial microbes consume excess nutrients and improve water quality within the pond or lake.

AquaTron™ targets dissolved nutrients in the water column. These nutrients, if left unchecked, lead to poor water quality and increased speed of eutrophication. The beneficial microbes in AquaTron™ consume excess nutrients to improve water quality, increase water clarity, and slow or reverse pond degradation and eutrophication.

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Solar Aeration Battery Backup vs Direct Drive

Dissolved oxygen increases throughout the day and decreases throughout the night and the most critical time to aerate is just before dawn. This is why battery driven systems are superior to any other alternative energy system. Consistent aeration when you need it most.

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Common Causes of Fish Kills in Your Pond or Lake

Author: Brad Vollmar of Vollmar Pond and Lake Management What Killed My Fish? The first question everyone has when they notice fish floating in open water or washed up along the bank is: what killed my fish? The most common causes of fish kills are oxygen depletion, algal blooms (could deplete oxygen or be toxic), […]